Press Release
Jun 6, 2022
Scientific Communication - A Biophys Speciality

Biophys Ltd are really proud to be able to offer advice, support and coaching services to biotechnology and life sciences companies. We have a varied range of expertise to be able to offer this and one area of specialism is designing, developing and commercialising products and diagnostic devices. 

We tend to work with large research and scientific teams who are extremely knowledgeable in their field of expertise, but they often lack specific skills to help bring their product to market, which is where we step in. 

Biotech or diagnostic start-ups are often lean on their head count and their budgets can’t support a team of marketing and communications experts to satisfy corporate PR requirements. We appreciate these business challenges and can support the overall product launch with a number of communications related outputs.

Internal corporate communications
Giving you the time to focus on the research, product development and business planning, we can take care of your internal corporate communications. Updating your team, shareholders or investors can be time consuming, but crucial to business longevity with employee buy-in. We are experts in being able to dissect your communications and put something together as a digestible snapshot to share with key stakeholders. 

  1. Corporate PR
    Throughout the development of your business, there will be really exciting milestones and achievements that could be used to generate corporate PR and further interest in your work whether you are looking for B2B opportunities or further investment. We can develop, implement and monitor corporate PR on your behalf to ensure you’re getting the most out of all your hard work. 
  2. Scientific communication
    As a scientist or medical professional, we can sometimes neglect to think about our audience and how they might interpret a piece of research or work. Your target consumer may need you to dial down the jargon and highlight the hard hitting facts or key selling points. We have experience of translating scientific or medical communications into more digestible content for public consumption. 
  3. Production of content
    Working in line with your business goals, we can produce content and marketing materials for use in scientific communication publications, medical communication mediums as well as popular science and public engagement channels.

So, why choose Biophys Ltd to help you with a communications plan?

We boast a combined 75 years of experience within our team which includes commercial, research and teaching within life sciences, diagnostics and biotech sectors including the biological chemistry and pharmaceutical industries. This makes us somewhat unique when you’re considering medical communications companies to support you with your project because we come with the added benefit of completely understanding your business from the ground up – we’ve been there before! We are also extremely fortunate to be well connected within the healthcare sector and have built a strong portfolio of corporate PR contacts and medical communications companies to support us with your own scientific communications strategy. 

We’d love for you to meet our team and understand their level of experience, you can learn more about them and their skills here. 

For a zero obligation chat about your scientific communications challenges, do get in touch with us and we’d be happy to advise where we can support you and your business on the path to long-term growth. 

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