Bipohys Ltd is a trusted adviser to medical device and life science companies to:

  • Design, develop and commercialise their products and diagnostic devices
  • Provide interim management of the business to allow founders and technical experts to focus on that which they are best positioned to do

Our expertise:

Technical and scientific

  • Design and oversee development plans for therapeutic and diagnostic applications, with specialist in-house expertise up to and including phase 1 clinical trials;
  • Small molecule therapeutic solutions and medical devices;
  • In-depth understanding of small molecule anti-infective indications, topical applications and In Vitro Diagnostic devices;
  • Process scale up;
  • IP strategy recommendations;
  • Lead on relevant deal-making and transaction activity;
  • Produce science communications, including dissemination across scientific publications, popular science and public engagement channels

Making the business work:

  • Provide an interim management service to allow business founders and scientific subject experts to focus on technical aspects;
  • Business planning and strategy;
  • Grant funding and collaboration submissions;  
  • Compilation of bespoke market intelligence reports;
  • Design, implement and monitor corporate communication plans, including PR and content marketing material

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