Press Release
Apr 21, 2021
Biophys Ltd features in Science in Parliament Spring 2021 journal

Alzheimer’s Disease is a cause for concern at all levels of society. It wreaks havoc on the lives of individuals and their nearest and dearest, and the cost to whole countries of poor management of this condition in the next decade or so looks set to rival that of events such as the 2008 bank bailouts. 

Unfortunately headlines relating to treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease more often than not tell of yet another failed treatment under development. Human biology is both complicated and intricate and our current understanding of Alzheimer’s Disease reflects this. 

But there are flickers of hope. An avenue of early stage work is suggesting the possibility of a different mechanism that may be contributing to the development of Alzheimer’s Disease. The “antimicrobial infection hypothesis” is currently evaluating whether, at least in part, the well-known neuroinflammation of the disease might be triggered by the body’s innate immune system responding to interference by a pathogen.

Biophys is pleased that Dr Bryan Hanley was amongst the experts commissioned by The Parliamentary & Scientific Committee – All Party Parliamentary Group to contribute to their Spring 2021 Science in Parliament journal, where he discusses this hypothesis and Biophys Ltd’s involvement in cutting edge research in this area. 

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