Press Release
Apr 18, 2021
Prof Bryan Hanley joins ILSI Europe's Board of Directors

Many congratulations to Prof Bryan Hanley on being appointed onto the Board of Directors for the International Life Sciences Institute’s European Branch (ILSI Europe). 

ILSI is a global non-profit research organisation that brings together scientific experts from academia, industry and the public sector to coordinate science-based solutions that promote health and improve people’s wellbeing. The European branch of ILSI focuses in particular on using the best available scientific evidence and expertise to solve problems relating to nutrition, food safety, sustainability and consumer trust.

Prof Hanley has extensive research and applied commercial experience relating, amongst other things, to nutrition, food production and the FMCG industry. This makes him ideally placed to be part of the strategic steering group for ILSI Europe. 

For more details and to read about how ILSI uses science and scientific research, amongst other things, to improve food safety, nutrition quality and address environmental issues:

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