Press Release
Feb 29, 2024
NCCR AntiResist panel discussion

Antibiotic development is a notoriously complex process, with multiple scientific, regulatory, legal, financial and commercial obstacles to be considered before patients can access any successful new antibiotic.

Disperazol Pharma’s CEO, Dr. Michael Graz will join Prof. Dr. Urs Jenal from NCCR AntiResist, Dr. Silke Alt from INCATE and Prof. Kevin Outterson from CARB-X to share insights about the unique challenges of developing new antimicrobial diagnostics and interventions against the backdrop of AMR. 

Feel free to pick up the conversation with Michael Graz if you will be attending The Antibiotic Pipeline: Spotlight in the Ecosystem at the Biozentrum, University of Basel at 4pm (CET) on Tuesday 5 March. 

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