Press Release
Jun 4, 2021
Take a look at NewsMedical’s Alzheimer’s disease newsletter

Alzheimer’s Disease International recently estimated that every three seconds somebody develops dementia somewhere in the world. This places Alzheimer’s disease third on the list of causes of death and disability amongst older people right now, globally.  

There can be no better time than now to take a critical look at our current understanding of how Alzheimer’s disease works. In the spirit of curious exploration, harnessing our combined creativity, compassion and courage to make the necessary changes to how we study this disease could be a game-changer for patients, their loved ones, healthcare professionals and researchers alike. 

Biophys recently presented a review of ground covered over the past five decades in Alzheimer’s disease research. Today’s News Medical Alzheimer’s disease newsletter covers this white paper, alongside other ground-breaking fundamental research reports. We look forward to being a part of the process of curious exploration. 

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