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Jan 5, 2022
Biophys- Making the Business Work

It’s a brand new year and one that seems to have arrived rather quickly – welcome to 2022. We thought we’d kick things off with an introduction to our business support services here at Biophys.

You may have big plans in 2022, which can be exciting, but on occasion; daunting. We’re here to help you scale up as an extension to your existing team so let us take on some of the strain. 

Interim management
This might be a totally new concept for your business and perhaps one that you have never considered. Our interim management services can provide peace of mind for business founders and scientific experts whilst they focus on technical aspects of a new medical device or life science business. Think of our service as providing effective strategic management for complex situations such as change, turnaround management, business improvements, crisis management, strategic business planning, or even if you just need someone to hold the reins for a short while. 
Starting your new business or indeed taking it to the next phase can be a lot easier if you have professional life science advisers by your side. 

Business planning and strategy planning
Perhaps you have a brilliant idea, you’ve got everything setup, but you need some support to plan your mid to long-term goals and assistance defining some steps to achieve those goals. Or maybe you’re starting out, looking for funding and need to get to work on a business plan. Our services provide help in these areas:

  • Business planning – used for starting out in a new business or idea, assistance with obtaining funding, usually a plan for the first year of running. This service provides structure for your idea to define the business from the start. We can help you asses the viability of your business.
  • Strategic planning – if you’re already up and running, we can help manage the strategic direction of your existing organisation. This service can provide focus, direction, actions and order to move your organisation from start-up to the next phase. This is usually critical to prioritise recourses, plan growth and to realise the return on your investment. 
    Allow us to support you in communicating your direction to your teams and stakeholders. 

Collaborative research
We are a trusted medical device and life science advisory team with vast and global experience in designing and developing plans for therapeutic and diagnostic applications. Our team have a combined 80 years’ worth of knowledge so are best placed to support your research projects. Find out more about our team expertise in detail here. 
Whatever your project might be, we can compile bespoke market intelligence reports, conduct our own research in tandem with yours to produce a strong back bone for your business idea. Starting you off on the right foot. 

We are adept at designing, implementing and monitoring communication plans. This can cover a range of areas including: 

  • Internal communication to your teams – you might like to implement a monthly newsletter with business developments, or perhaps a printed company magazine. Either way, keeping your teams updated can make for excellent morale.
  • External communications to your target consumer – perhaps you’d like some help writing website content? Or a regular thought leadership article through your website? Our communications experience allows us to turn your research into engaging content.
  • PR communications – gaining public attention can be a challenge in a busy media environment, especially in the age of a pandemic with so much health news available. Targeting interest, defining the correct outlets and writing an enticing article is something we are expert at to help you cut through the noise.

Our business support services can be entirely tailored to suit your business needs, whatever stage of development or growth you might be at. 

To find out more or to have an informal chat, contact the team here. 

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